Doing good and helping others is deeply embedded within us. Every single day millions of people do selfless acts of kindness. They care, help and express their love for each other. They express their true nature. While most of us may help spontaneously, organizations and social activists around the globe are committed to ease the hardship of all living beings in a more structured way. 

In 2009 we set up Monyati, a non-profit social development organization that supports communities around the globe. Our work on the ground, engagement with beneficiaries and social change leaders, allowed us to dive deeper into the seeming complexity of poverty. However, the more we immersed the more we realized its utter simplicity. Creating positive change does not require complex methods. It is not nurtured by emotions nor passion. It is acceptance along side commitment and courage that allow for change to flourish. At Monyati we give unconditionally and allow for support to be expressed in many forms, shapes and locations as per the need of communities; from classrooms, rickshaws, laptops, sewing machines, water cisterns, low-costs houses to teacher and student sponsorship. 

Listen, act and move on with gratitude are our principles of giving. It is then when we witnessed roles reverse and concepts dissolve. Received much more than we gave and learned much more than we taught. Witnessed external and internal life changes. Realized true wealth with no form nor definition. We humbly acknowledge that we do not aim to change the world, yet we responsibly commit to give to those who need as if we give to ourselves.